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Monetize games or apps with rewarded surveys - game developers or app developer uses rewarded surveys to monetize their apps or games to maximize their revenue and engagement in their app or game. paid surveys online also help to make your earn by participating in surveys.

Rewarded surveys are modified short market research surveys designed for game apps; Gamers must opt-in to participate in order to receive premium content, such as coins or credits.

Market research surveys are the gold standard for acquiring market information of any kind. The goal is to collect data from a small sample of a market in order to forecast what the entire market wants.

Rewarded surveys can help a number of organizations understand their customers' habits and likes and dislikes, collect product feedback, assess brand awareness, and gather consumer insights.

Rewarded surveys enable for game developers to monetize apps to maximize revenue, encourage engagement, and keep users engaged by establishing a clear value exchange.

An opt-in delivery mechanism improves survey-to-respondent match while improving the delivery experience. Rewarded surveys can be a high-converting solution for all game developers, with rewarded surveys working alongside them, to add an extra revenue stream to the game apps.

Rewarding users to complete tasks can be really beneficial for the game developer for a number of reasons: It's a terrific method to monetize non-payers, who make up the vast majority of mobile app users, while also encouraging them to stay engaged with the parent app.

If you like to monetize your games or apps with rewarded surveys then below is the one site details where you can go and start your rewarded survey journey for your games or app.

Monetize Your Game Apps with Rapidoreach

Rapidoreach Rewarded Surveys can be an additional and passive revenue stream for all game developers.

Rapidoreach uses a CPA Model (Cost per Action), which gives game developers a compelling incentive: Rewarded Surveys usually pay far more than any other ad style. where traditional ad format pays 20x more than Rewarded Surveys and Rewarded Videos pay 5x more than Rewarded Surveys.

Users are increasingly choosing rewarded surveys as their favorite ad style. Rapidoreach recently performed a study of approximately thousands of mobile app users in the United States, asking them why they prefer surveys to standard ads. The results revealed several interesting points.

Seven Benefits of Rewarded Surveys

1. Interactive/Fun:

"Reward surveys are a lot of fun!"

User engagement is required for rewarded surveys, which are a sort of interactive monetization. This method promotes engagement and is, after all, entertaining! All users have to do with incentivized videos is watch or "pretend to watch" until the end.

2. User-centric/Personal:

User-centric surveys require each user's distinct and unique opinion on a variety of topics. When survey findings are collected, they are provided to marketers and businesses who want to learn more about their customers and improve or form new products and services. The thought of participating and having their voice heard appeals to users. According to one of the responses.

3. Non-Repetitive/Unpredictable

There are instances when being spontaneous pays off. Game players are not informed about the survey's topic ahead of time, and they are not provided with the same survey twice once it has been finished!

4. Highly Rewarding

“Through rewarded surveys, gamers earn money.”

“More and more savings.”

“Survey offers more bugs and gift cards.”

“Game players can earn more points in less time.”

“Answering rewarded surveys pay well.”

While rewarded videos have a higher payout than traditional ad formats, rewarded surveys pay, even more, making them the number one choice in terms of payout both for the gamers and for the game developers.

5. Faster and easier

“Because it’s much easier and faster.”

“More convenient.”

“Too much time is spent watching advertisements. And rewarded surveys take less time to finish.” Completing a survey and receiving a reward is far more convenient and faster for gamers than waiting for videos to finish.

6. Full opt-in control

“Gamers like total control over the survey.”

“Feels like a choice.”

“Gamers do surveys with more accuracy.”

“Choice of answering.”

Gamers' consent and control are very important, and rewarded surveys are paving the way for users by providing a non-intrusive, opt-in control. Gamers are provided with a clear exit button and can choose when to start or stop their survey, making this a less intrusive experience. As a result, the crucial balance between intended engagement and user experience is properly preserved.

7. Not more ads!

“Gamers hate ads!”

“Because gamers ignore the ads anyway.”

“Ads are really annoying and more common.”

“Ads make violently angry.”

It is widely accepted in the gamer community that the marketplace needs a different ad format, less annoying, more interactive, and tailor-made for the user. This is where rewarded surveys come into play. Rewarded surveys are getting more popular day by day with enticing experiences and ever-increasing ROI.

Research Partners

Rapidoreach the world’s largest brands and research companies.

If you would like to learn more about Rapidoreach, and about how Rewarded Surveys can generate a new earnings source for your game and app development, please visit or feel free to contact directly Integration Team at [email protected]


Rewarded surveys for game developers can be paired nicely with the existing monetization system, break the ice for freemium gamers, pay more, and enhance retention and conversion when used properly. Remember that in order to keep playing; gamers will always go for the easier, more interactive, and more profitable answer in your game app. This option is rewards surveys!


  1. Rewarded surveys converts well for games and apps with some kind of reward mechanism. We integrated rapidoreach SDKs into our game. it was a quick integration. We saw this rewarded survey offerwall converting better than others we had integrated earlier (Roughly 250 - 40 % more conversions) with average eCPM of $300. They also give you settings to limit the LOI of surveys as per your preference as mobile users don't prefer long surveys.

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