How To Apply For EDV Lottery Online From Nepal In 2024 For Free

In today's era 2024, the burning topic is "How to apply for EDV Lottery online from Nepal in 2024 For Free". In this blog, I will tell you the solution to this topic and if you follow the steps that I provide you then you can definitely know the correct way to apply for EDV Lottery online and you can teach other people also.

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Many people are trying their luck to go to America in many countries but in Nepal, it is a trending topic for people, and Due to an amendment in rules to go to America by EDV now, it is not simple to go. In previous times if anyone wants to go to America from EDV he/she has passed his class 12 education and he/she is eligible for the EDV Lottery Program.

What is the EDV Lottery?

The EDV Program or Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery) or Green Card Lottery is congressionally mandated which allows 50,000 people from selected nations allow them to get Green Card. And Green Card allows people to live in any country as a citizen of that country.

How to apply for EDV Lottery from Nepal?

There are two different ways to apply for the EDV Lottery are

  1. EDV Lottery Online Form
  2. EDV Lottery Physical Form
In the EDV Lottery Online Form, you have to submit some details like Name, Gender, Birth Date, City Where You were Born, Country Where You Were Born, Country of eligibility for the DV Program, Passport Details, Passport Size Photo, Mailing Address, Country Where You Live Today, Phone Number, E-mail Address, And Some Questions.

After filling above details you have to provide some contact details as well.

For the EDV Lottery Physical Form, you have to visit your nearest cyber or any station where an authorized or knowledgeable agent will help you to fill out your EDV letter form (in case of a physical form) for a certain fee. Now, you might be thinking that the EDV lottery form is free of cost? Yes, it is but, the agent will charge you about their used time and hard work for you. If you have proper knowledge about technology or you know how to operate the internet and their sites then you individually also fill the form of EDV through an online medium. To fill out the online form you have to visit the Electronic Diversity Visa Program.

In this form, you have to enter all the details correctly and every detail is the same as the online form. If the government can conduct EDV Lottery Program then there is a high chance of getting that lottery than others.

If you want to know the steps to fill the EDV Lottery Form correctly then check below.

How Does the EDV Lottery Selection Process Work?

EDV selection process is a fully computerized random selection process where a computer bot or software selects random users from the total number of participants. In Nepal, Lots of people fill out the EDV Lottery form online and physically but many of them are disqualified before reaching the total participants counting list due to incorrect or missing information filled by themself or by others.

So, if you have your own mobile and a proper internet connection then you can fill your EDV by yourself because if you tell others to fill then maybe they fill up the wrong information due to missing information or miscommunication.

How to Apply for EDV Lottery Online from Nepal in 2024 free?

You have to follow these steps to fill up the EDV Lottery form online and you have to check each step again after filling up all the details:-

  1. Open a browser and Go to the Electronic Diversity Visa Program ( website,

  2. There are 5 options available (Welcome, Entry Instructions, Photo Instructions, Entry Form, DV Entrant Status Check) if you open the EDV website during the time of form filling,

  3. Open the Entry Form by clicking the "Begin Entry" button,

  4. Now, it will ask for the "Authentication Code" where the code is present below. Fill in the code and click on the submit button,

  5. A new page will open which is "Part One - Entrant Information". Here you have to provide your personal information,

  6. But, at the current marital status if you select the married status except unmarried then it will take you to "Part Two - Derivatives" Otherwise your form will be successfully submitted,

  7. After entering the part two section you need to fill in the spouse names and details( Name, Birth, Gender, some questions, etc), 
  8. After filling in all details click on Continue,
  9. Then, your EDV Lottery form will be successfully submitted,

  10. Now, you have to note or save the "DV-2024 Submission Confirmation: Entry Received" details which are "Entrant Name, Confirmation Number, Year of Birth, Digital Signature",
  11. Now, in the next year, you can check EDV results from this website.

And remember you need that "Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, Year of Birth" to check your EDV Lottery Result. If you forget the confirmation code then you can't check your EDV Lottery Result.

It is possible to recover the confirmation code but to recover the confirmation code you have to enter some details like "Diversity Visa Program Year, Name, Date of Birth, Email Address" and you have to fill in every detail the same as the EDV Lottery form that you fill previously.

What are the Reasons For Rejection of the EDV Lottery?

There are major 3 reasons for not selecting your EDV form they are:-

  1. Incorrect Information
  2. Incorrect Image

As I previously said the EDV Lottery selection process is fully computerized and random users are selected by the bot. So, if your form isn't selected by participants then you have zero chance to get EDV Lottery because your application isn't reaching to bot due to misinformation.

Incorrect Information:- This is the main reason for your EDV Rejection. Many people fill up their information incorrectly in the EDV form and due to this reason they never get the chance to win the DV lottery. 

Incorrect Image:- Incorrect image format, size, posture, etc are another reason for your EDV form rejection. According to them, your image must not contain;

  • Shadows and Unwanted Lighting: If your image contains shadow and unwanted lighting then your EDV form will not be approved. The image must be clear without any background shadow and unwanted lights.
  • Glasses:- From 2016, In your EDV images glasses and sunglasses aren't allowed even if you were in your daily life. You have to remove that glass or sunglasses for a photo.
  • Size and Position: Your photo must be (51 x 51 mm) with the head centered and sized between (25 and 35 mm). You can use a Passport-size photo for the EDV form.
  • The resolution, Print Size, and Quality: If your image contains any visible pixels or printer dots then your EDV form got rejected. You must face your head and eyes straight.
  • Digital Alterations and Retouching: If you crop the background using any digital software then your photo will not accept but you can crop or digitally change the images by using Photo-tool (
  • Pose and Expression: As I said previously if you do not directly face to camera straight then your image will not be accepted. Also, your eyes need to focus straight. And if you create a fake expression in your photo then it is also not selected. A natural facial expression in the photo will be accepted.
  • Attire, Hats, and Hair: Hats or head coverings are not accepted in photos, except for religious or medical purposes and with a signed statement.
  • Image Background: The image background needs to be uniform, plain and white or off-white, and free of shadows
  • Children Image: When taking a children or kids photo no other person is in the photo and the child has to face toward the camera with his eyes open. If the child is a newborn or infant then partially open eyes images are also accepted.

If you want to read official data about the above information then check Travel State Government Website. But to get that information you have to scroll down to the bottom.

What happens if we apply for EDV Lottery more than one time?

If you apply for the EDV Lottery more than once then you will be disqualified from the EDV Lottery Program means your submitted list will be rejected even if you fill in all the information and images correctly. Due to this rejection, you lose your chance to go to the U.S.A that year and you have to apply for the EDV Program next year.

What are the EDV Lottery Program Requirements in Nepal?

There are simple requirements for the EDV Lottery Program in Nepal which are listed below:-

  • Must be a Citizen of Nepal.
  • You have to complete Class 12 Education.
  • You must have a complete Education certificate for class 12 and if you have a class 10 degree then it is okay. You have to show your work experience of 2 years but that work must be listed in onetonline website.
  • Clear Passport-size photo of yourself.
  • A passport that must be valid for at least 6 months after receiving the Diversity Visa Nepal.
  • An Email/Gmail address, to receive the confirmation of your online application.

What is the list of the countries that are not eligible for EDV or Green Card Lottery?

The countries that are not eligible or are not allowed to participate are listed below table but from that big country some small states are eligible which are also listed below:

China (including Hong Kong SAR)
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories

Note: Natives of Macau, SAR, and Taiwan can participate in this Lottery.

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