A Day Class 12 Exercise : Questions and answers solution

Get "A Day" poem class 12 exercise: questions and answers solution for free. A day poem is written by Emily Dickinson. She uses brilliant imaginaries and symbols to describe a beautiful day compared to the life that leads the innocent children to experience.

"A Day" Poem by Emily Dickinson is available in "Unit 2 of Section Two: Literature". This Poem is available on page number 232. This book is recently updated by the "Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology".

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"A Day" Exercise Class 12 English: Question Answers solution with the summary

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Class 12 "A Day" Poem by Emily Dickinson Summary

Emily Dickinson's "A Day" poem is a lyrical poem that describes sunset and dawns which is compared to life. Which means A day refers to life. The speaker of the poem is confidently describing how the sun rises, the situation of the sun rises, and the setting of the sun. In the beginning, when the sun rises, the ribbon-like rays fall on the steeple(Gajur) of the church changing the color into amethyst. The news of the sunrise spreads as quickly as the squirrels run. The dark hills are uncovered in the sunlight and a small American bird "BOBOLINKS" starts singing in the beautiful morning. The warmth of the sun makes everything and every creature happy and pleasant. The speaker taught herself to be confirmed about the sunrise with beautiful and magical rays. The beautiful landscape, clean and shiny hills, and singing of "BOBOLINKS" confirmed the rising of the sun.
                          The speaker on the other hand looks confident to describe the sunset. The speaker further says that until the sky turns completely dark, the sky is seen as purple in color. The boys and girls look yellow and they return back to their shelter. The caretaker or father in grey clothes waits for the children to take them back. He lets the children enter the gate letting other flocks go into their house.

A Day poem by Emily Dickinson Class 12 English Exercise Question Answers

Understanding the text
Answer the following questions.

a. How does the poet describe the morning sun in the first stanza?

Answer:- In the first stanza of the poem, the speaker described the morning sun. The first beautiful golden rays of the sun extend like ribbons around it. It makes everything bright and visible. It changes the color of the steeples into amethyst.

b. What does the line 'The news like squirrels ran' mean?

Answer:- The line 'The news like squirrels ran' in the first stanza means that the news of the rising sun along with the spreading rays as fast squirrels run. The news of the arrival of the sun on the horizon is compared with the quick running of squirrels using the word 'Light'.

c. What do you understand by the line ' The hills untied their bonnets '?

Answer:- Before the sunrises, the hills are in the bonnet of darkness. After the sunrises, all the hills look beautiful in fine green color. The hills throw away their bonnets of darkness when they are touched by the rays of sunlight. The hills are personified in this line as they on time their bonnets like women.

d. Is the speaker watching the morning sun? Why? Why not?

Answer:- Yes, the speaker is obviously watching the rising sun. The speaker is observing the change in color of the steeple into amethyst, united bonnets of the hills, and is listening to the singing of beautiful "BOBOLINKS" and all these events confirmed that the speaker is watching the morning sun.

e. How does the sunset?

Answer:- Actually, the speaker is unknown to the setting sun she doesn't know where it goes after it sets. The purple and yellow color indicate the setting of the sun, but she doesn't know what happens after it because of her lack of knowledge about sunsets.
                                                                                        The sunsets by taking all the happiness, glow, and beauty of a day and leaving the darker side of dusk.

Reference to the content

a. What, according to the speaker, is a day?

Answer:- 'A Day' by the speaker is about the simplicity of life's ordinary things through his/her innocent eyes.
                      According to the speaker, A day is a minor form of journey throughout life which usually begins with many new hopes and luck of happiness after learning many new things and gaining lots of experience throughout the day, it comes to an end and leaving dusk.

b. What purpose does the hyphen in the first line serves in the poem?

Answer:- In the first line of the poem hyphen (-) serves as a medium for taking some time (Pause) and to deliver some message after onward.

c. What makes this poem lyrical and sonorous? Discuss.

Answer:- The use of slant/short rhyme, alliteration, assonance, and short line make this poem lyrical and sonorous.

d. Who are the target audience of the speaker? Why?

Answer:- Basically, children are the targeted audience of the speaker because the poem has tried to state the truth of human life by comparing it with a day. The speaker is importing the message about the beginning and the ending of a day where a kid accomplishes his journey from innocent to experience. Thus, the speaker is delivering her beautiful message about life to everyone but mostly to children.

e. The poem seems to describe a day for children. How would the adult people respond to this poem? Discuss this poem with your parents/guardians and write the answer based on their responses.

Answer:- As this poem speaks about the reality of human life, it is obvious that adult people will normally find it meaningful because they also have gained some experience throughout their lifetime.

Note:- Reference beyond the text is not generally asked in the question and it is based on your writing and thinking skills so, you have to write it by yourself.
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