Top 10 Kodular Extension for free while making an App

If you are going to make an app from Kodular then sometimes you need some feature that may or may not be available in Kodular so, to fulfill this emptiness developers of Kodular and other developers have developed extensions(Aix) files for Kodular and you can use it to make your project awesome.

Here in this blog, I will tell you the list of the top 10 Kodular Extensions which you can use for free. The Kodular is used to make the app by using drag and drop. You can make any simple app by using blocks and you can also monetize that app easily by using AdMob and InAppbilling purchase.

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What is Kodular?

Kodular is a free online site to make a mobile app by using the drag and drop feature and anyone who doesn't have coding knowledge can make apps easily. Kodular allows you to make an Android app easily by using a block type editor with Material Design UI which makes your app more beautiful and professional.

Kodular Creator is the main place where you can build your app. Inside Kodular Creator studio, you will find three columns, the left-hand side column is known as the "Components Column", the Middle column is known as "Phone Modes" and the right-hand side column is known as the "Properties Column".

What are the Advantages of using Kodular?

The usages of Kodular are listed below:-
  1. Kodular is a free and easy Drag and Drop app-making platform.
  2. You can monetize your app made from kodular.
  3. You can make any app that you want by using different available tools.
  4. You don't need any coding knowledge to make an app.
  5. Easy to use and understand due to its simplicity

Top 10 Kodular Extension for free while making an App

There are lots of kodular extensions which is necessary while making an app but among them, I will tell you the most important and useful tool or extensions that are necessary to make an app. Also, some of the extensions are already provided by kodular and some of them are not available in kodular and you can get those extensions by downloading them from the below-provided link. Below I will provide you the list of the top 10 kodular extensions.

1. In-App Billing

In Kodular you can use the "In-App Billing" component which allows your user to buy internal items like coins, gems, etc which are present inside your app. And in kodular, this is powered by "Google's In-App Purchases Service". It is free to use in Kodular. 

If you are making any in-app purchase in your app then I will suggest that you need to use the "In-App Billing" extension which is already provided in Kodular on the "Monetization>>General" component.

2. Google AdMob Extension

If you want to make money from your app that is Kodular then there are two ways to monetize your app by using in-app billing and by showing google AdMob ads in your app. Kodular provides you this facility to show AdMob ads to your app and you can get that component from "Monetization>>Advertising".

Nowadays, If you want to show ads in your app then you have to take approval from Kodular first then only you can show ads in your app. If you show AdMob ads in your app then the Kodular team takes a 15% commission.
If you want to show AdMob ads without giving any commission to the Kodular team then you can download them from the below download button.

3. Facebook Ads Extension

Kodular also provides you the facility to show Facebook ads to your app. You don't need to download an external extension to show Facebook ads in your app and you can get that component from "Monetization>>Advertising". If you show ads from Facebook in your app then the Kodular team also charges a 6% commission.

You can download the Facebook Ads tool from the below download button. And by using the below Facebook extension you can show ads in your app without giving any commission to Kodular.

4. Lottie

It is another useful extension in Kodular. This extension is used to show animation inside your app. By using this feature you can make your app more professional and you can use it by installing a JSON file and adding it to an "Asset Manager"

You can download these Lottie animations from the below-provided website or you can simply search Lottie animation in Google and you get lots of websites.
You can use this website and you have to download a JSON file to use it in a Kodular so, remember this thing. If you download any other file format then it makes your file size heavier and makes cause not work properly in some mobile versions.

5. KIO4 Gradient

KIO4 Gradient is another great extension used in Kodular. You can use that extension to show gradient effects to your app or any particular parts however this gradient won't appear in some shapes and sizes. You can download this extension from the below download link.

This extension is mostly useful for those who are making UI design work. If you want to download it from other sites then someone may charge for this extension but I will provide you KIO4 Gradient extension for free. You can set gradient color from block mode and you have to provide the color list in "listOfcolours" and you have to give some value for "orientation".

If you give the orientation value as 1 then the value 1 defines "Linear Gradient Orientation" and if you give the orientation value as 2 then the value 2 defines "Sweep Griedent Orientation". If you want more orientation details then you can check everything by yourself.

6. Infinite Progress Bar

This is another extension that is useful while making an app. It is mostly used in the flash screen of any app and even you can use it inside an app when loading something or when you want the user to wait for some time. You can download this extension for free from the below download button.

There are different styles of progress bars and you can set them according to the below name.
Set different type of progress styles:-


It is the updated version. If you do not set the spin type then it is set to default as a spinner which looks cool and I think you also like it than others. But if you don't like it then you can try other spin styles as well.

7. Google Account Picker

Google account picker is another useful extension for app developers. You can use this google account picker to show a pop-up list of Google accounts that are currently logged in to the user's mobile phone. This is very useful for those who make login and signup options in their app when users try to use that app.

In kodular, it is available for free and you can use this component by going to "Google>>Google Account Picker". Most people do not set the google account signing option in their app so, they don't use this tool but actually, it is a very useful extension for those making such types of app.

8. Firebase Authentication

This is also another useful extension. This record user SignIn details and let the user use the app directly without entering details again and again. To use this extension you have to provide a google-service.json file to "Asset Manager" and you can get that .json file from Firebase Console.

This is free to use and you don't have to pay for this in Kodular. This is a very useful extension for app developers who develop signing protection in their apps and you can get this component in Kodular from "Google>>Firebase Authentication".

9. Google reCaptcha

It is used to protect your app from spammers and from being abused. It is also used to verify real users. You can also use this new extension in Kodular. In Kodular new update which is "Kodular Fenix", he has introduced this new extension for their user.

You do not have to pay for it means it is free to use and available for everyone. You can get this component from "Google>>Google reCaptcha". If you are making an app that needs the user to log in and after login, the user gets rewarded then you must have to use this component to protect your app from any illegal activities.

10. Youtube Player

This is an amazing extension that presents in Kodular. If you created an educational app then this extension is very useful for you and in Kodular this is available but it is in the developing stage so, it may or may not work properly. It is working correctly above the Android 4.2 version and below this version, it may not work.

You can get this component from "Google>>Youtube Player".  If you are making some video-related apps then you can use this component as well. You have to enter the youtube video id in block mode to work this component properly. It is available for free in Kodular.


Kodular provides most of the extensions for free but for some extensions, it takes some percent of commission. Kodular is the best platform to make any app without any coding skill and by doing just drag and drop you can make an app for free. After the Kodular Fenix update, the old AdMob extension can't work and other earning extensions is also blocked by Kodular so, you have to apply for monetization in Kodular to get a monetization extension in your app. Hope it helps you :-) and if you want to know something more then comment down below.
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