How to apply for Guest Posting in Website | How to earn money from Guest Posting?

If you want to receive guest posting opportunities and earn $100 per post then you are in the right place. Here in this blog, I will tell you the best way to receive a guest post opportunity and you can earn from it easily. Flyout is the website where you can apply for guest posts and on this site, they will review your site and provide you the audience for guest posting.
On the Flyout site, you will receive money based on different factors like DA, PA, Backlinks, etc. If your site has higher DA and PA then you can earn a high amount of money but if your site has lower DA, PA then you will earn less amount of money. And also if your site has a high audience then also you will earn a high income and if your site has a low audience then you will receive less amount of money.

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Let's talk about some basic questions which generally arise in every people like what is flyout, how much do we earn from flyout, does this violet AdSense policy, how to apply for flyout, and so on.

What is flyout?

Flyout is a website monetizing site where you can earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog. If you want to monetize the site without Google Adsense and want to receive high income then flyout is the best way you can go but for this, you need to be accepted by the flyout team.

How much do we earn from Flyout?

It totally depends upon your site because if your site has higher DA, PA then you have a great chance to receive a higher income per guest post. But if your site has low DA, PA then you can earn less income. Also, the income from guest posting depends upon the traffic on site, if your site has a high number of traffics then you can get high money per guest post and if your site has less traffic then you will receive less amount of money.

How to apply for Flyout?

I will tell you the steps that you have to follow to apply for Flyout.
  1. First, open your browser and search
  2. Click on the Signup button
  3. Enter your website URL
  4. Now, you have to verify your site by adding a meta tag before </head> head closing tag.
  5. Now, after verifying your site you have to select your blog category and you can only able to select 3 categories so, choose that category that suits your blog post.
  6. Now, it asks you to create an account and you can choose any method.
  7. After creating an account the Flyout team will verify and check your site that your site is eligible for guest posting or not.
  8. If your site is approved by the flyout team then your site is start to receive guest post opportunities and you can earn money from the guest posts.

Does flyout is available for bloggers or WordPress?

Generally, flyout is made for WordPress sites and if you are a WordPress user then there is a high chance to get approval from the flyout team. But if you are a blogger user then there is probably less chance to get approval from the flyout team.

Google AdSense Vs Flyout

There are many questions about that which one is better than I will tell you in the below table.
Google AdSense
Available for both Blogger and WordPress Sites. Only available for WordPress sites.
They paid money on the basis of Content, Clicks, Impression, etc. They paid money for sponsored content only.
They pay lower or higher money on the basis of CPC. They pay high money per post.
It is highly trustworthy and used by millions of users. It is also trustworthy but didn't have enough data on the internet.
Excellent choice if you want to earn money from website If you want to earn money from guest posting only then it is a good option to go.
You can earn by just placing ads. You can earn from other people written content which may contain dofollow backlink his website.

What is the minimum payment threshold for

The minimum payment threshold for a is $0.00 which means you can withdrawal any amount of payment from the flyout. And they send payment to your account every 12th to 24th of the month. Also, if you are from India then they send you the direct bank transfer and if you are from other countries then they can send your payment to your Paypal account.

How does the payment system work in

If you have earned $30 to your flyout account then in any month then they can send your money to your bank account In the next month. Let's take an example; Let suppose if you earn $220 amount from the flyout on the 4th of March then the flyout team will send that amount to you next month which is April 12th to 24th.

When to choose

Most people say that, if you have low CPC on Google AdSense then you can switch to here but in my opinion what I say is you can choose both in your blog like you have to run Google Adsense ads along with sponsored post but remember you have to choose those posts only which matches your blog niche and you have to remove or draft your bad quality post or write good quality because you can get a free quality post for your blog easily from and if you do this correctly then you will definitely get higher CPC to your Google Adsense account and also earn some extra money from a quality sponsored post.

How to earn $15 for free from

Yes, you listen right that you can earn $15 for free from and all you have to do is you have to join the affiliate prompt of the flyout team and you will get a referral link and if you will succeed to join anyone to flyout through your referral and if he/she is approved by the flyout team then you will get $15 for free so, try this now.
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