How To Protect AdSense Account Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blog - Solve

AdSense Account Disable Due To Invalid Clicks On Blog - Solve

How To Protect AdSense Account From Being Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blogger?

How to protect AdSense Account From Being Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blog? So, here is the solutions in blogger there is no plugin like WordPress "AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP) " which protects the AdSense account from being disabled due to invalid click done by haters and those who want to increase CPC by invalid clicks.

AdSense Account Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blog - Solve
Image:- AdSense Account Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blog - Solve.

But in blogger there is no plugin so, what we do so, is simple as you think I'm giving you a piece of code that can allow setting a limit to the user who does invalid clicks. 

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

Also, you can set time period and click time like if a user does any invalid clicks then that code triggered and stop ads showing to the user who clicks on ads more than 3 times and for such period of time which you set.

In that code, the default click limit is 3 times and the time period for ads not to be seen to the user is 2300 milliseconds. You just have to change on time and clicks only if you do changes to other place code except for time and click then I'm not responsible for anything that happened to your AdSense account and blogger or website so, please follow the instruction which I tell you. 

AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script For Blogger

So, here is the code in red color below which you have to copy and paste to your theme before </head> or </body> and you have to edit its click and time intervals (Time intervals is in milliseconds) then paste the code when you have done. 

<script type='text/javascript'>
function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;

Note:- if you want to change click time then you can change it to more than or less than 3 and you can change time intervals which are in a millisecond and remember you have to block that user who does invalid clicks on your ads for more than 5 or 6 hours which make that user not able to see ads when he comes to your website.

Here is the table that gives you more clarity regarding millisecond and hours and ( X millisecond = Y hours ) Here is the table below-showing conversion or conversion between millisecond and hours so, that you can understand more clearly.

Millisecond into Hours

Milliseconds Hours
2300 milliseconds 0.0006388889 hrs
3600000 milliseconds 1 hrs
10800000 milliseconds 3 hrs
21600000 milliseconds 6 hrs
43200000 milliseconds 12 hrs
86400000 milliseconds 24 hrs
172800000 milliseconds 48 hrs

Now, Users who do invalid clicks more than 3 times then he/she were blocked from seeing ads on your website after using the above code.

Google Adsense team also tell much more thing regarding this and you can read it from here

Important things to remember:-

Please remember that using this AdSense invalid click protector script only blocks the user for a certain time so, you have to stop those who do invalid click and take action against these also, remember using any code makes your website speed slower. You can turn your ads off for certain times or days to stop users who do invalid clicks.

Also, Sometimes appealing to google Adsense can help you to take back your account from being banned. so, it'll you how to do this below,

How To Fill Invalid Traffic Appeal Form?

To fill invalid traffic appeal form you must follow these given steps to recover your account successfully. 

Step1. you have to first go to Adsense invalid click appeal page

Step2. Enter your Name from which Adsense account is open.

Step3. Enter your publisher code or id which looks like ( pub-1234xxxxxxxx5678 ) and you can find this id in the Adsense setting.

Step4. Enter g-mail from which your Adsense account opens or you can give your normal Gmail account.

Step5. Enter your Website Url or If your invalid clicks occur on an app then enter your app id.

Step6. Then, select the yes or no option that if you use money and buy traffic to your website if it is true then click yes otherwise click no.

Step7. Explain how you can drive traffic to your website i.e. you use ads or other things.

Step8. Explain that if you ever violets Adsense or google ad manager policy or terms and conditions.

Step9. Now, you have to Explain what may be the reason why invalid clicks occur. If you don't know about it then you can do a prediction as well.

Step10. Explain what you do to improve your invalid clicks.

Step11. Here you have to provide the IP address or any information of that user who does invalid clicks and such data you can collect from Analytics your website.

Step12. Now click on the check box.

Step13. After filling in all data click on submit button and Google will review your request and take action.

Please remember it is not 100% sure that your account recovered back after filling this form because google says it is the owner's responsibility to protect his/her website so, you can clearly hear so try your best to protect your content and Adsense account as well.

Adsense say you have to protect your account by yourself because it is belong to you so it is the duty of to protect our account.

Some Questions Which You Need To Know Before Using AdSense invalid click protector script.

How User Block From Seeing My Ads On Blogger?

If you use the code above which I gave then a user who does invalid clicks get blocked but this doesn't mean that he/she will never be able to see ads in your channel but he/she can able to see ads after the time period end which you set in intervals.

Can A User Access My Ads From Another Browser Or Incognito Tab?

No, because if you add the above code then the above code block user's IP address from being accessed your ads so, don't worry he/she will not able to see ads until the time interval duration ends which you set.

Where To Add AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script On Blogger?

You have to add AdSense invalid click protector script on before ending head or body tag i.e. ( </head> or </body> )

Does AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script Slow Down My Website?

Yes, but this code doesn't affect your website that much like it affect your website speed in a millisecond and if you take better web hosting instead of a blogger server then you don't have to worry about website speed because the web hosting company manage your website speed.

How Does AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script Works?

The working mechanism of this script is quite simple and easy, If a user with the same IP address can click your AdSense ads more than three times then the script activated and stop to show the ads to that user who does invalid clicks, and that user cannot able to see the ads for that time period which you set in the interval in code in a millisecond.

To see how much millisecond is equal to hours then check out the above table.

How To Protect our AdSense from Being Disabled Due To Invalid Clicks On Blogger?

You can protect your AdSense account from being disabled due to invalid clicks on AdSense by adding the above code highlighted in red color and adding that code before the head close or body close. 

Remember, if you want to set a number of clicks that the user can able to do and the time period that the user cannot able to is by just changing to the code on ( click:3 and intervals: 23000 ) also intervals are on millisecond so, remember to change it.

This code is tested successfully by the developer, carefully follow every instruction and comment if you have any doubt regarding the installation, not the script.

Is AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script Is Checked By Developers?

Yes, the AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script is checked by developers, and remember to use the code carefully if anything you made mistake then it results in AdSense account being disabled or your website got banned or removed from the search result in google.

How To Know If Someone Do Invalid Clicks To Your AdSense Ads?

You have to check your AdSense dashboard regularly or every 1 hour and check your CTR on AdSense if it is increased more than 5% then this is an alert sign to you and you have to know that someone does invalid clicks to your ads so, at that time you have to turn off auto ads and manual ads off for 1 week or more days because that user who does invalid clicks can regularly check your website for more than 1 weeks and for until that time you have not to turn on ads so, that he/she cannot able to click on your ads.
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