Google AdMob Extension for Kodular | Best AdMob Aix Extension File Free Download

If you want to make an app from drag and drop inventory then you also want to make money from that app and if you go to monetize your app from the inventory provided tools then they can take a certain amount which is 30% to 50% and this can make your earning half so, if you are searching for Google AdMob Aix Extension then you are in the right place because Techguruji66 provide you the AdMob Aix extension for kodular and other app inventory for free.

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It is very hard to get an AdMob extension for free for kodular but if we found then some of them were not working and some others say that we have to pay to use that extension. If we search in google about "Admob extension for kodular free" then we get 10,000+ results but no one provides the correct AdMob extension aia file.

Also, lots of people are selling the Admob aia from their website, and promoting the AdMob extension aia file on youtube, Facebook, official app inventory community forum, etc platforms. Still, I am using this google Admob aia file to monetize my app for free without paying any commission to kodular.

But after the Kodular Fenix 1.5.2 update, no one can able to use any external ads extension other than the Fenix will determine and block that app from loading or opening when the app is installed in the mobile. The Fenix will block those ads extension that contains "" but some people find the solution of it and again they made the AdMob extension work without paying to kodular team.

How to get Google AdMob Extension for Kodular?

If you need AdMob extension for kodular in kodular Fenix update then you can download from the below download button and remember this AdMob extension is working extension in Fenix but the kodular developers are more alert than previous so, maybe they block this extension in kodular so, use it if it is still working but I am also working on this aia extension so, don't worry I will make a permanent solution for the kodular AdMob Fenix update in near future but till now, you can use the above Google AdMob aia extension for free.

You can get the AdMob Aix Extension file by clicking on the above download button may be the download will start automatically or you will be redirected to google drive because the AdMob Aix file is hosted on google drive. And if you will be redirected to google drive then you will find a folder called "" and just above it you will get a download button now click on it and your download will automatically start.

Does this AdMob Aix file work on Kodular Fenix Update?

Actually, I'm not giving the assurance that it will run in the near future in Fenix update of kodular but in my case, it is still running and I'm able to show ads in my app on kodular but as I say kodular developer teams are more alert than previous time so, in near future, they may block this aia file of google AdMob and you cannot able to use it.

What is Param String in Admob Extension?

Param String is used to providing ad unit id value in the AdMob extension. And by using the param string information the AdMob extension can link or receive ads information and show it in your app. You can fill the param string by using a text box in kodular and inside the text box you have to fill up the information of AdMob ad unit id which looks like "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXX/0123456789".
Below is the example showing how to fill the param string value in the AdMob extension.

What is paramAndroidViewComponent in Admob Extension?

paramAndroidViewComponent is used to give a position for ads like the top, bottom, mid, etc. To give a position you have to give arrangement values like horizontal or vertical arrangement in kodular. Remember the position value you have to set is on the basis of arrangement like if you need to show ads in middle then you have to add a horizontal or vertical arrangement and you have to take the name of that arrangement and paste it in the paramAndroidViewComponent like shown in the figure below:-

Google AdMob Extension for Kodular Fenix Update | Best AdMob Aix Extension File Free Download

The main solution is here. I will provide you the AdMob Fenix Update Extension Aia file which is free to download which means you can show AdMob ads to your app without paying any commission to the kodular team. You can get that AdMob Extension Aia file by clicking on the below "Download" button.

Note:- This AdMob extension file contains many bugs so, I have to remove it from the download link because if I don't remove this extension that contains the bug then the bug may disable your Google AdMob account which I don't want.{alertInfo}
In near future, I will fix the bug and make the AdMob extension Aix file available to download for free but until that time you can subscribe to this blog and turn on notification so that, you never miss any notifications for the updates of this post.

Please, I request you do not waste your money on such an extension because if you buy such an extension then there is no guarantee of working because as you know kodular recently update all its coding, fixed all bugs, and restrict external malicious extensions like AdMob, Facebook, etc.
And there is no guarantee that they return your money back if the extension doesn't work and remember they charge more money for only one extension.

How to get Admob ads extension free download?

You can get Admob ads extension free download link from the website and you can use the Admob ads extension for free means you do not pay for using it like other sites. And this AdMob extension is working on the new kodular Fenix 1.5.2 update.

Note:- The Admob extension which works in kodular Fenix are currently removed for a temporary period of time due to some bug issue so, you can get that AdMob extension after fixing all bugs and you can download that extension for free from this website so, don't forget to pin or subscribe oo follow this blog or you can turn on notification also so, you never miss any updates from us.


You can download the kodular AdMob Extension for free and you don't need to pay for the extension on another website. So, please give me some time to improve the Admob extension and make it free from bugs, issues, etc. If you like this blog post then please share this blog and if you have any problem then you can comment down below.
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