How to monetize Blogger blog? | Best way to monetize Blogger blog | Blog monetization requirements |

How to monetize Blogger blog? | Best way to monetize Blogger blog | Blog monetization requirements |
How to monetize Blogger blog? | Best way to monetize Blogger blog | Blog monetization requirements 

How to monetize Blogger blog?

There are different ways to monetize blogger blog sites like by showing ads, by showing affiliate marketing, by showing sponsored ads, from guest posting, etc but nowadays the most popular way of monetizing blogs is from Google Adsense. You can also monetize your blog from Google Adsense. Also, you can monetize blogs without Adsense and you can do this from guest posting, affiliate marketing, sponsor ads.

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How to monetize a blog?

There are different platforms to monetize a blog website and you can earn money from there. Here is the list of the platforms where you monetize your blog:-
  • Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Sponsored Ads.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Contextual Advertising Networks like (, Adsense, Propeller Ads, Infolinks ads, Ezoic ads, Froggy Ads, PubGalaxy, AdThrive, Mediavine, Skimlinks, SHE Media, Sovrn, Revcontent, Setupad, RevenueHits, Adcash, BuySellAds, Bidvertiser, Monumetric, etc).
  • eCommerce Website.

1. Google Adsense

Nowadays, Google Adsense is the most common way of making money. You can make money from Google Adsense by monetizing your blog. And you can monetize your blog in the following ways:-
  1. Open your blogger dashboard.
  2. On the left-hand side click on the "Earning" Tab.
  3. There if you do not signup for Adsense then you will find the "Create Adsense Account" option
  4. Click on "Create Adsense Account" and you will be redirected to Google Adsense SignUp Page.
  5. There you see your blog address already added and you have to follow some instructions as instructed there.
  6. After following all steps your Adsense account will create and In the Adsense dashboard, it will ask you for adding some codes to the <head> open tag.
  7. After adding code to the <head> tag, it will ask you for your billing address or address and username, etc.
  8. Fill everything and click on continue then it will show some message like "It usually takes 2-4 weeks but in some cases, it takes more than 4 weeks." which means you have to wait until Adsense approves you.
  9. Now, you will successfully create your account and after approval, you can able to show ads on your website and earn some money from there.
You can make an infinite amount of money from Google Adsense because if you have a higher number of user activity on your site you have a high chance of getting ads to click and the higher the ads click, the higher the money you will get paid from ads owner. 

Generally, There are two types of ads:-
  1. Impression-Based Ads.
  2. Clicks-Based Ads.

1. Impression-Based Ads:- This is a type of ad where the owner of the ad pays the website owner when ads get an impression. Website owners get paid for both impressions and clicks.

2. Clicks Based Ads:- This is a type of ad where ads owners pay the website owners when ads owner ads get clicks which are showing on the website owner site. Website owners did not get money for impressions in ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also another best way of making money online and now affiliate marketing is viral among teenagers. If you have a large or medium or small audience then you can able to make money by selling items. And each item you sell you will be rewarded with a certain percentage of commission. You can do affiliate marketing of anything like Semrush, Ezoic, Webhosting, etc, and earn money.

If you join an Amazon affiliate then for each item you will sell you will get a 20% commission. And in Aliexpress each item you will sell you get a 50-30% commission.

You can join affiliate marketing by visiting the official site and scrolling down and there you will find Affiliate Marketing OR simply go to and type "company name affiliate program" the company name means you have to add that company name where you want to join like if you want to join the affiliate program of amazon then you can type "amazon affiliate program" then you will get the first-page click on it and follow the instruction as instructed and join it.

Affiliate Program Running Company Name:-

3. Sponsored Ads

Another way of monetizing blog posts is by sponsored ads. If you have a large audience then you have a high chance of getting sponsorship from some companies related to your blog post so, at that time you can say the price for showing their ads or item on your website.

Some sponsor companies give you money per impression on banner ads or give money on clicks done in ads.  In most cases, those websites get sponsored ads that have around 1 Million traffic per month but sometimes some websites having 50k traffic monthly can get sponsored ads as well.

So, never lose hope and keep doing blogging and one day you will definitely get sponsored ads on your website. There are no criteria or requirements that need to reach for sponsored ads.

4. Guest Posting

If your blog post gets recently viral and started to getting views then there is a high chance for you to get guest post offers and they will pay you for each guest posting. In big industries, they charge per word and it is your choice how you can control it.

Guest posting seems to be a very good way for getting traffic and backlinks from other websites. If you give dofollow backlinks then it will boost your rank in Google as well. so, guest posting has many benefits in terms of S.E.O and you can also try this to get rank higher and faster in Google search results or Other search engines results.

Many people are making 2 Lakh per month by making available guest posting to his/her website and they just make guest posting available to his/her website and earn money.

People want to guest post on your site because they want "dofollow" backlinks from your site to their site so, as an owner of the site, you can charge any amount of fee for a "dofollow" backlinks.

5. Contextual Advertising Networks

Contextual Advertising is a target-based advertisement displayed on websites or other media according to the content shown on that platform. And Contextual Advertising Network means those who show such target-based ads on media or websites like (, Adsense, Propeller Ads, Infolinks ads, Ezoic ads, Froggy Ads, PubGalaxy, AdThrive, Mediavine, Skimlinks, SHE Media, Sovrn, Revcontent, Setupad, RevenueHits, Adcash, BuySellAds, Bidvertiser, Monumetric, etc).

Nowadays, this is a popular method for monetizing blog posts and earn a high income from them. Users make 13 Lakh from this type of advertising network. It is very easy to get approval from these types of websites and it is also very easy to make 1 lakh per month if you have a decent amount of traffic.

In a contextual advertising network, Google Adsense is highly popular for monetizing a website and if you have 1Million or 5 Million traffic then you can switch to and make more money from it.
If you don't know how to monetize blogger with Adsense? then you can check out below or just click here to reach there.

6. eCommerce Website

If you have your own product or you do affiliate marketing on amazon, aliexpress, etc then you can make an eCommerce website or you can create a simple website and prompt your product there. If you have some coding knowledge then you can make your own eCommerce website but if you don't have coding knowledge then you can choose Shopify for this work.

Other different platforms like Wix, WordPress, and Blogger also provide you free hosting for your website and if your business grows slowly then you can switch to paid hosting.

What are the blog monetization basic requirements?

The basic requirements for blog monetization are listed below:-
  • Your blog must be live, public, not have under-construction errors and main importantly your blog must have 10-12 unique blog posts to get Adsense approval.
  • Your blog must be mobile-friendly so that any mobile user can get easily navigate to your site and if your site is mobile friendly then you have a higher chance of getting your audience to your site and decreasing the bounce rate.
  • Your site does not have 18+ content, content promoting Terrorism, or content which is against the Adsense policy. Because such type of content will not accept by the ad networks.
  • Your site must have an easy site navigation system because easy site navigation makes users easy to search or go to any place easily on your website.
  • Your blog post must not have copyrighted content because they are the property of others and you don't have the right to use it but if you have the owner's permission to use that content then you can publish it to your blog post.

How to monetize blogger with Adsense?

You can monetize your blogger website with Adsense easily Nowadays, Adsense is the very popular way for monetizing blogger blogs so, you have to follow the below steps to monetize your blog post with Adsense and if you want to know how to get Adsense approval for blogger then you can follow the below steps because all the steps I tell you is same for getting Adsense approval for a blog:-
  1. First of all, create your blog website from then,
  2. Write 10-15 unique articles on your blogger site. It is very important if you want Adsense approval for your blog site.
  3. Buy a custom domain for your blogger site. It is not necessary to buy the custom domain you can do it if you want.
  4. In the blogger dashboard there you will find the "Earning" tab on the left-hand side, click on Earning tab.
  5. There you see "CREATE ADSENSE ACCOUNT". Click on it.
  6. After clicking on "create Adsense account" it will redirect you to the new website where you have to fill in some data as instructed then it will create your Adsense account.
  7. After creating an Adsense account, it will ask you to add some code to your site and then the Adsense team reviews your site and give approval according to it.
  8. After approval from the Adsense team, you can start to make money from your blog post and you can successfully monetize blogger with Adsense.

How to monetize a blog without Adsense?

If you are a blogger then you probably know about it that how to make money without Google Adsense because many of the people working on their blog without google Adsense earn 1-2 lakh per month and yes, I am also making the same and I am going to tell you how to monetize your blog without Adsense:-
  1. You can monetize your blog without google Adsense and for this, you have to promote your content on different platforms like Quora,, Reddit, etc because all the platforms pay you for publishing your content to that platform. All you have to do is you have joined the partner program of that platform then you have started to make money per view.
  2. Second, you have to do is Allow other guest people for posting to your site and charge any amount of money for each guest posting.
  3. Use other contextual advertising networks like if you have a high amount of traffic.
  4. If you have a good number of returning audiences on your sites then you can do affiliate marketing and say your audience to buy that product if they need it.
  5. If you have a large amount of traffic on your site then you can search for sponsorship on your site.

How to monetize a blog with ads?

There are different ads providing companies who show ads to the user sites and give money for showing ads on their website. It is also known as monetization or monetization of a website or blog with ads. Below is the list of some famous ads providing companies names who can monetize your site by showing ads to your site:-
The above ads providing companies are used to monetize a blog with ads and some of the ads providing companies provide high CPC as well.

How to get Adsense approval for bloggers?

If you want to monetize a blogger blog then firstly you have to try to get approval from Google Adsense and sometimes you have missed something due to which Google Adsense did not give you approval so, I will tell you how to get Adsense approval for blogger easily:-
  1. First, create your blogger account, and after creating a blogger account create a website.
  2. Write 10-15 unique articles and do on-page SEO.
  3. Buy a custom domain and link with a blogger account. It is not necessary but if you buy a custom domain then there is a high chance of getting Google Adsense approval fast.
  4. After buying the domain, wait for 1 week because your custom domain will get old and Googlebot also rank your domain in search result. And this is for those who buy a custom domain.
  5. Also, You have to go to the blogger setting and their "Comment moderation" as Always because any comment which against the Adsense policy will decrease your chance to get Adsense approval for your blog website.
  6. Now, apply for Google Adsense from the blogger "Earning" tab section.
  7. After applying successfully then Adsense asks you for linking a code to your site so, that Adsense shows ads to your site. And remember this is important you have to paste that code in your website <head> section.
  8. Now, after adding that code Adsense ask you for entering your billing details like Your Name, Your Address Line 1, Your Address line 2, Country, Phone No., etc and you have filled in all the details very carefully if you don't know how to fill all these things then click here.
  9. After filling in details, Adsense checks your site and found that your site is ready for showing ads then you got Google Adsense approval and you can start to make money from Ads.
And after getting Adsense approval you have to protect your Adsense ads from being invalid clicks and you can protect your Adsense account from being disabled by adding some codes and you can get that code from Here.

And if you want to know how you are the reason for your Adsense account disabled so you never do that again and protect your account from disabling from Here.


You can easily earn money from your blog post with Adsense and without Adsense and if you have a large audience then you have a high chance of earning money from both ways i.e. From Adsense and From Affiliate Marketing. From affiliate marketing only people earn 1-2 Lakh per month and From Google Adsense people earn 13 Lakh per month and From both Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense People earn 20 Lakh per month so, you can also earn that amount of money but you have to chase that passion.

In this blog I have covered How to monetize a blog?, How to monetize a Blogger blog?,  What are blog monetization basic requirements?, How to monetize bloggers with Adsense?, How to monetize a blog without Adsense? How to monetize a blog with ads?, How to get Adsense approval for bloggers? in an easy way, and if you follow everything which I say then you can definitely get approval from Adsense. If you have any questions then you can comment down and ask what you want to ask me. Thank You for reading my blog.
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