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Enter the AdSense code into the below box and select what special character do you want to change and now click on the convert button then copy the code which appears. In blog through Edit HTML, you can not directly copy-paste the script or Adsense code so, have to use the HTML to XML code converter tool which I provide you for free, you don't have to pay to convert the code it's free! Enjoy Conversion.

  • Convert & to &
  • Convert ' to '
  • Convert " to "
  • Convert < to &lt;
  • Convert > to &gt;

Convert HTML to XML Online for free. This free online tool provides you the facility to convert your HTML file or codes into XML format for free. You have the ability to convert that code which you want and this free online HTML to XML converter gives you the facility to convert &, ', ", <, >, etc and below are the codes which this converter can easily convert.
  • Convert & to &amp;
  • Convert ' to &#039;
  • Convert " to &quot;
  • Convert < to &lt;
  • Convert > to &gt;
You can also convert your AdSense code into XML form. When you are going to add AdSense code into blogger then you must have to convert your Adsense code in XML supporting formate but nowadays the blogger automatically converts that Adsense code into XML supporting formate when you paste it in the blog post but in some places, it may fail to convert the AdSense code into XML so we have to manually convert that code.

And you can convert that code easily from this Convert HTML to XML online for free - HTML Code Converter. This free online tool can parse AdSense ads code in XML.

How to convert HTML to XML for free?

To convert HTML to XML for free, you can use a tool such as the W3C Markup Validation Service. This tool allows you to enter the HTML code or upload an HTML file, and it will output a version of the code that is compliant with the XML syntax.

To use the W3C Markup Validation Service to convert HTML to XML, follow these steps:

Go to the W3C Markup Validation Service website:

In the "Validate by Direct Input" tab, enter your HTML code in the text box.

Click the "Check" button.

If there are any errors in the HTML code, the validation service will display them in the "Errors" section. You will need to fix these errors before the HTML code can be successfully converted to XML.

Once the HTML code is error-free, click the "More Options" button and select the "XML" option in the "Output" dropdown menu.

Click the "Validate" button.

The validation service will then output a version of the HTML code that is compliant with the XML syntax. You can copy and paste this code into a new file to create an XML document

How to use HTML to XML AdSense Code Converter?

You can convert the Adsense ads code into XML or blogger supportive language by following the below steps:-
  1. Go to your Google AdSense Account
  2. Click on Ads > Overview > By ad Unit 

  3. Create Display Ads Unit but select responsive option rather than fixed ads
  4. Copy that responsive ads code by clicking on the "Get code or < >" button
  5. Paste the copied AdSense ads code to that online tool

  6. Select all options so, it will save on the blog without any error
  7. Click on convert now
  8. Copy that Html to XML phrase code by left-clicking on Desktop and by long pressing on that code on mobile devices
  9. paste it into the blog post or theme editor or anywhere you want
  10. Click on the Save button
  11. Now, you have successfully added AdSense HTML to XML converted code to your blog
Note:- Sometimes it takes 5-15 minutes to show ads on your blog post so, till that time be patient and check your site after 15-20 minutes

HTML to XML converter for blogger

You can convert any HTML file to XML easily and you don't have to do anything for converting your HTML code into XML. You just have to copy and paste your HTML codes above the converter box and your code will be successfully converted into XML.

But in 2021 blogger which is developed by Google has made some changes in the blogger platform and the blogger can convert any HTML code into XML successfully. And in some cases, you have to manually convert the code into blogger supported programming language.

HTML to XML online Converter

There are 10 top HTML to XML converters and you can reach that site by clicking on their name from the below-given list and that site is held by their respective owner and I don't have any authority regarding that site so, visit that site at your own risk but I provide you best quality sites only so, you can visit that site without any fear.

Adsense Ads Code Converter For Bloggers

This online free tool also helps you to convert your AdSense ads code into XML. You have to submit the AdSense ads code in the code box and then click on the convert button and the free online tool can convert your AdSense ads code into the blogger supported formate ads code and you can use it in the blogger platform for free.

It is safe to convert the AdSense ads code in 2021?

Yes, it is 100% safe to convert AdSense ads code from HTML to XML but you are not allowed to change any script or code of AdSense against the AdSense policy so, you have to read the Adsense auto ads modification policy before changing anything.

Is it necessary to convert AdSense ads code while using it in Blogger?

No, it is not necessary because in 2021 blogger has made lots of changes and added some special features like converting HTML to XML format automatically so, if you don't want to convert the code then AdSense automatically converts it but sometimes it may not work and you have to do it by yourself.

How to solve AdSense ads not showing after using XML formate?

If you are facing this problem then you have to check your AdSense ads code that code is broken from some point and if it is not then you have to wait for 30 minutes because AdSense ads need time to set or show in the new format. If the AdSense ads still not showing then you have to use original code instead of XML form.

Conclusion:- If you want the unlimited conversion of HTML codes into XML then you can visit here and if you like to go with a premium or paid tool then you can choose another site for this because we are offering free HTML to XML converter for you for free and you can get the best speed, unlimited conversion, 1000+ codes converted in a second, and no any delay in providing service in this XML converter tool.
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