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The series of Lok Sewa aayog computer operator MCQ is going on my site. Generally, I write about the Lok Sewa Aayog Preparation For Computer Engineering | Lok Sewa Aayog Question | Computer Operator Multiple Choice Question(MCQs). Lok Sewa aayog computer operator MCQ for all people who are preparing for the computer operator exam of Lok Sewa aayog. This article is made for Nepal and Nepali people who are interested in lok sewa exam and computer operator exam. This article is simply like a lok sewa aayog computer operator book. Without further due let's get started with interesting questions and answers of a computer operator. Lok Sewa aayog preparation for computer engineering, Lok Sewa Aayog Model Question

1) Which input device cannot be used to work in MS Office?

A) joystick

B) scanner

c) light pen

D) mouse


2. Which feature do you use to create a newspaper?

A) tables

B) tabs

C) columns

D) bullets and numbering


3. Thesaurus is used for:

A) Opposite word

B) spelling options

C) grammer options

D) Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms and antonyms

4. What is the shortcut key to open the thesaurus window?

A) Shift+F7

B) Ctrl+F7

C) F7

D) Alt+F7


5. What tool can the user use to set indents or tabs?

A) ruler

B) title bar

C) insert point

D) autocorrect


6. Headers and footers are:

A) text that appears on a separate page in the document

B) text that appears only in print preview

C) text that appears on every page above or below the body text

D) text that appears only in the outline layout view

text that appears on every page above or below the body text

7. An excel workbook is a collection of.....

A) Worksheets and charts

B) workbooks

C) worksheets

D) charts

Worksheets and charts

8. The operating system is:

A) a collection of input-output devices

B) a collection of hardware components

C) a collection of system software

D) none of the above

a collection of system software

9. What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as ‘#,##0.00’?

A) 6.8

B) 5,430.00

C) 5,436.80

D) 5,436.8


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10. Which of the following would be the best tool to diagnose and troubleshoot when the hard drive seems to have higher than normal activity?

A) Disk defragmenter

B) task manager



Disk defragmenter

11. Which language is used to create macros in excel?

A) java

B) visual basic

C) access

D) visual C++

visual basic

12. the difference between people with access to computers and the internet; and those without this access is known as the:

A) broadband divide

B) internet divide

C) digital divide

D) web divide

digital divide

13. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ……….

A) functioning

B) accessing

C) referencing

D) updating


14. A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with:

A) ampersand (&)

B) apostrophe (‘)

C) exclamation (!)

D) hash (#)

apostrophe (‘)

15. Which of the following bit patterns represents the decimal value 5?

A) 11111001

B) 00011010

C) 11111011

D) 00000101


16. Any request for data from a database is known as:

A) formula

B) result

C) query

D) record


17. Which one is a volatile memory?

A) Pendrive



D) None of these


18. The relational model uses some unfamiliar terminology. A tuple is equivalent to a:

A) database

B) record

C) field

D) file


19. The sorting and indexing must be performed according to a:

A) tuple

B) record

C) row

D) key field

key field

20. Which category is found in custom animation?

A) transition

B) master slide

C) design templates

D) entrance


21. Which key on the keyboard can be used to view the slide show?

A) F10

B) F1

C) F2



22. In Ms-powerpoint, insert a new slide in the current presentation. We can choose:

A) Ctrl+F

B) Ctrl+M

C) Ctrl+N

D) Ctrl+O


23. CMS in web page stands for:

A) Content mapping system

B) Content management system

C) Customer management system

D) Content management sources

Content management system

24. A pixel is :

A) the smallest resolvable part of the picture

B) a computer program that draws a picture

C) a picture stored in secondary memory

D) none of the above

the smallest resolvable part of the picture

25. Fifth generation computer is also known as:

A) knowledge information processing system

B) very large scale integration (VLSI)

C) both of above

D) none of above

knowledge information processing system

26. A hard copy would be prepared on a:

A) typewriter terminal

B) line printer

C) dot matrix printer

D) all of the above

all of the above

27. Which one is not the skeleton and flesh of HTML documents?

A) video and sentences

B) text and hyperlink

C) list and forms

D) tables and frames

video and sentences

28. A compiler is …….

A) a program which translates from one high-level to a machine level

B) a combination of computer hardware

C) a program that translates from one high-level language to another

D) none of above

a program which translates from one high-level to a machine level

29. Which one is not used in web page designing?

A) oracle





30. Memory is made up of :

A) large number of cells

B) set of wires

C) set of circuits

D) all of the above

large number of cells

31. A disadvantage of the laser printer is:

A) the output is of a lower quality

B) it is quieter than an impact printer

C) it is very slow

D) none of the above

none of the above

32. Which of the following devices can be used to directly input printed text?




D) all of above


33. Database management systems are intended to :

A) establish relationships among records in different files

B) eliminate data redundancy

C) manage file access

D) all of the above

all of the above

34. Which one is the output device?

A) printer

B) keyboard

C) mouse

D) scanner


35. The ………. shows all the websites and pages that you have visited over a period of time.

A) toolbar

B) status bar

C) taskbar

D) history bar

history bar

36. A proxy server is used for which of the following:

A) to provide TCP/IP

B) to provide security against unauthorized users

C) to process client requests for web pages

D) Both answers are correct

Both answers are correct

37. ……… means: that the data contained in a database is accurate and reliable:

A) data consistency

B) data redundancy

C) data integrity

D) data reliability

data integrity

38. Which of the following connects existing networks to form an internet?

A) repeater

B) bridge


D) switch


39. You can delete text by:

A) selecting the text and pressing the Ext key

B) selecting the text and pressing the Ctrl key

C) selecting the text and pressing the delete key

D) selecting the text and pressing the Alt+pageup key

selecting the text and pressing the delete key

40. Which of the following capabilities is required for a system program to execute more than one program at a time?

A) multitasking

B) under processing

C) compiling

D) virtual memory


41. Which of the following is true about the recyclin bin?

A) windows stores items in the recycle bin until they are permanently deleted

B) files sent to the recycle bin can not be restored

C) the recycle bin automatically empties its contents every 24 hours

D) the recycle bin is a special section of the computer’s memory

windows stores items in the recycle bin until they are permanently deleted

42. Excel displays the current cell address in the …………..

A) title bar

B) formula bar

C) status bar

D) name box

name box

43. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in excel we use the function:

A) DIV()



D) MOD()


44. Which of the following are loaded into main memory when the computer is booted?

A) word processing instructions

B) internal command instructions

C) external command instructions

D) utility programs

internal command instructions

45. Which of the following keystrokes lets you recalculate the formula?

A) F9

B) F2

C) F7

D) F3


46. Word processing software can be used to create:

A) presentation

B) letters

C) spreadsheets

D) database files


47. Which is the shortcut key to check spelling of a document?

A) F9

B) F1

C) F2

D) F7


48. Which shortcut key do you use to double space a paragraph?

A) Ctrl+F2

B) Ctrl+1

C) Ctrl+2

D) Alt+F2


49. Which of the following methods cannot be used to enter data in a cell?

A) clicking the enter button on the formula bar

B) pressing an arrow key

C) Pressing the TAB key

D) pressing the ESC key

pressing the ESC key

50. MS word allows creatiion of ……… type of documents by default.

A) .dot

B) .doc

C) .wpf

D) .txt


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